“Beethoven was so hard of hearing he thought he was a painter.” – George Carlin

That's right. Even a tech lover can wish to be a musician at some point. Granted I haven't made audio production my career, I can't resist strumming on the guitar, playing the piano or singing to myself once in a while.

Around the year 2004, I discovered a program called eJay, a music production software with a drag-and-drop interface and hundreds of sound effects to use. Most of the sound effects built in to the program had a very techno and hip-hop feel to them. Being a lover of techno music, I dived in head first. After toying with it for a few days, I decided to make a song with no intention of doing anything with it. It was more about me being able to say "I produced a song. Scratch that off the list." That mentality lead to 10 more songs being produced, each similar in structure but with a different feel and flow.

As I finished one song and began creating another, I came up with the idea of the songs flowing like a story, hence their titles. The song titles describe the night a computer geek has in winning over a girl. If one listened to the song and imagined how the scenario played out, it'd probably make for an interesting mental movie. Kind of like how a music video shows a story but there's no dialog from everyone else in the scene. Those under the impression that the songs are based on a relationship or date I had would be wrong, as this album was completed long before I started dating anyone.

My original intention was to not release the album for a few reasons, one being the embarrassment of producing songs even the nicest of critics would bash. Yet, if cult classics can make it big, maybe my music experiment will be loved by someone! I decided to release this album for fun. If you choose to use it in any form, you must abide by the Creative Commons license and give me credit for the original work. Who knows. Maybe I'll release another album in the future.